Cockroaches are included in our General Pest Control Service

Cockroaches Ants Spiders and Silverfish are all included, also free Rodent baits in the ceiling.


12 months warranty except rodents is 1 month.

If you include your termite inspection as well $298.00 for both

We are reliable and honest. 


Included with your treatment: 

In the kitchen and bathroom cupboards we will use cockroach gel,

in the ceiling we use bait for rats and mice,

dust in ceiling for spiders, cockroaches and ants.

We will treat behind the fridge and dishwasher,

border spray all walls inside the house.

Outside we treat around all windows and eaves, we treat paths, garden edges and spider webbing where required.

Termite Inspection

Your termite inspection covers all outside areas of your property and around your home,

also a complete and thorough inspection on the internal areas including the ceiling for termites or termite activity.

We use the latest technologies for detection including thermal imaging.

You will receive a full report by email on the completion of the job. 

Looking forward to working for you 



Many people are absolutely freaked out about the idea of having cockroaches in their home, and for good reason. Not only they are disgusting to see, but they are also destructive, resilient and can cause health issues. They are usually associated with filth and clutter, and can spread very fast.

There are many species out there, some being beneficial for the environment, while others being considered pests. They vary in size depending on the species, but usually have six legs, two antennae and wings. Most species have a bad odour, while others even produce sound. They are small in general, but they also have the ability to get even smaller by flattening their flexible bodies. This allows them to fit even through the tinniest holes, which makes them very hard to catch.


The worst thing about these pests is that they are omnivore. So this means that they will feed on just about anything they can find. Whatever a human eats, the cockroach will consume as well. Their favourite meals consist of sweets, starches and animal protein, but they also enjoy greasy foods and stuff that is mouldy or fermented. And some species even like alcoholic beverages, such as beer.

So if you are consuming the “standard Australian diet” consisting of a lot of meats, fried greasy foods, sweets and alcohol, you have great chances of attracting cockroaches to your home.

“Oh, but I don’t eat junk food. My diet consists only of healthy foods”. Eating healthy is great for your body, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have cockroaches in your home. When they don’t find their favourite sources of food, they turn to eating books, paper, wallpaper paste, the glue from stamps and more.

And when it comes to protein, they will get it from dead insects, animal leather and even human hair and finger nails. And in the worst case scenario if nothing else is available, they will eat each other. Scary creatures indeed. While they are able to chew dead skin and hair, their jaws are not strong enough to bite human skink. That would have been even worse!


These nasty insects can survive for about 1 month without food, but only for 1 week without water. Some people even claimed that cockroaches can survive a nuclear explosion, but it was proven to be just a myth. This was actually tested in the popular show Mythbusters, and they found out that the insects die when exposed to 10,000 rads.

This is a huge number considering that most other creatures die from a dose of over 1,000 rads. So cockroaches can withstand extreme radiation indeed, but not the one caused by a nuclear explosion.