Mosquitoes are small and very annoying insects that are buzzing around and biting us during the summer (or when travelling to exotic locations). While you may be able to live with a few itchy bites, the greatest danger of mosquitoes lies in the diseases they can carry. These are serious life-threatening conditions such as the malaria, the dengue fever or the Zika virus.

You might have noticed that some people attract mosquitoes more than others, and this is because of their smell and not because of their blood type. Each person has a distinctive smell composed of multiple compounds, and some people are simply magnets to these insects.

This is because they are looking for sources of carbon dioxide and lactic acid, which will eventually lead them to warm-blooded animals or humans. This also explains why mosquitoes seem to bother you more when you are working out and sweating, as that’s when you are emitting more of those two substances.


Here are some of the signs that you have mosquitoes in your area and you need to take action right away:

  • You hear annoying high pitched buzzing sounds during the night

  • You wake up with inflamed, red or swelled bites

  • You find mosquito eggs in standing water in your home (the trays of house plants, water bowls, etc.)

  • You find mosquito larvae in standing water


Use insect repellent – you should be well equipped with repellents, especially when travelling to exotic locations known to have mosquitoes that carry fatal diseases. Apply the substance whenever going outside and on all exposed parts of the body. Carefully read the ingredients to avoid any allergies and follow the instructions on the label when applying it.

Wear appropriate clothing – instead of wearing short clothes and having to apply huge quantities of insect repellent, why not wear longer clothes and apply less substances. There are plenty of long sleeved clothes that are very thin and do not keep warm. Just look at what the locals are wearing and do the same.

Avoid mosquito hotspots – before buying the plane ticket and booking the hotel, search if that specific area is infested with mosquitoes in that time of the year. If it is, then you might want to choose another destination.

Remove standing water – this is the perfect environment for mosquitoes to multiply, so it definitely attracts them. Avoid leaving various items containing water on the balcony of your hotel room or on the porch of the rented home. This includes glasses of water, mugs, cups, buckets and even the spades used by the young ones at the beach.

Avoid getting out at dusk and dawn – these are the preferred times for mosquitoes to lurk around, as it is a bit cooler and less windier. So especially if you are in a mosquito hotspot, try to plan most of your activities during the day, when there are less of these nasty insects around.

Wear light coloured clothes – mosquitoes are attracted to dark colours, so by wearing light coloured clothes, you can keep them away. Don’t wear too bright colours either, as they can attract other insects such as wasps. Stick to neutral or pastel coloured clothing.

Use a mosquito net – having a net protecting your windows or your bed will save you from having to use insect repellent at night, and will prevent you from waking up with itchy bites. So when planning your vacation, make sure to find accommodation in a place that has mosquito nets around the beds and / or insect screens on the doors and windows.

Keep air flowing – mosquitoes are not so good fliers, so a strong current of air will keep them away. Make sure to leave a fan or two turned on during the night. Not only it will keep you chill, but it will also keep mosquitoes away.