General Pest Control Costs

When it comes to providing safe, effective, and eco-friendly termite and general pest control solutions, BugCall is the leading treatment company for you! Here at BugCall, we make your homes our responsibility and your peace of mind our priority. We specialise in providing professional and reliable termite and pest control services, including termite inspections, treatments, and termite-pest control for your commercial or residential property. We are committed to making your valuable living spaces termite and pest-free by providing reliable services and putting forward quality-centric work. When it comes to termite and pest control, nobody does it better! 

Our General Pest Control Service

Cockroaches Ants Spiders and Silverfish are all included, also free Rodent baits in the ceiling.


12 months warranty except rodents is 1 month.

If you include your termite inspection as well $297.00 for both 


Included with your treatment: 

In the kitchen and bathroom cupboards we will use cockroach gel,

in the ceiling we use bait for rats and mice,

dust in ceiling for spiders, cockroaches and ants.

We will treat behind the fridge and dishwasher,

border spray all walls inside the house.

Outside we treat around all windows and eaves, we treat paths, garden edges and spider webbing where required.

Termite Inspection

Your termite inspection covers all outside areas of your property and around your home,

also a complete and thorough inspection on the internal areas including the ceiling for termites or termite activity.

We use the latest technologies for detection including thermal imaging.

You will receive a full report by email on the completion of the job. 

Looking forward to working for you 

  • Excellent Service

  • Quality Work

  • Sustainable

  • Eco-Friendly

  • We are reliable and honest.

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