Termite barriers

For over 25 years Bugcall has been providing high quality termite treatment solutions to customers right across Brisbane.

Our Termite solutions are considered to be among the best in Brisbane, thanks to our focus on extensive training of our technicians, the effectiveness of our products and our dedicated and friendly customer service.

What is a termite barrier?

Termite barrier systems are normally used in conjunction with slab-on-ground construction.  around the perimeter of the building. AS 3660.1 - 2014 specifies the procedures to provide a chemical system that will deter termites from gaining concealed access to termite susceptible elements in the building. Section 8 of the Standard allows the use of any chemical that is registered for the purpose by the Australian Pesticide Authority (APVMA).  Most chemicals used in termite management have a limited life span.

Chemical termite barriers

A chemical termite barrier can be a fantastic option for anyone looking to protect their home over the long term.

The barrier consists of an ‘unbroken zone’ of liquid termiticide applied in the soil around the foundations of the building.  The chemical we use is called Termidor which is far superior to others on the market.  Rather than just repelling termites like some cheaper versions, it ensures any existing termite colonies within the property are destroyed.  The slow acting chemical is undetectable by the termites, and once they’ve passed through the barrier, they will then carry it back with them to any nests in the property.  Any termites they come into contact with will die within a period of 5 to 21 days.

The chemical is applied in the soil by one of our qualified technicians, and any concreted or tiled areas will have small holes drilled so the product can be inserted (usually these are completely hidden with plugs in matching colours).

Chemical termite barriers are a long term solution and can last up to 8 years with minimal maintenance.  As a minimum yearly termite inspection are to ensure the chemical zone is still in effect and working to kill off termites.

Termite reticulation system

A termite reticulation system is similar to a chemical barrier, however the termiticide is released into the ground via a flexible pipe or hose with perforated holes.  The hose sits in the ground alongside the foundations of the building. The reticulation system can also be installed when a new property is being built or during a renovation.

Are termite barriers safe?

Termite barriers provide a long lasting solution for termites that require little maintenance, and work around the clock to protect your property.  The other major advantage to this type of termite management is that the barriers are completely safe for use in all types of properties, and around children, pets and other occupants of the building.

The chemical products we use have passed rigorous Australian safety standards and are environmentally friendly for local flora and fauna.

How much do termite barriers cost?

The cost for a Termite treatment barrier will vary between $1,500 to $5,000. Every home is different. The barrier will include treatment of any live termites in the home if required and a termite inspection of the home and yard. Termite barrier chemicals used are also non-repellents designed to kill the termite nest by transferring product back to the nest.

This one-off cost should be seen as an investment in your property’s future security, and when calculated out on a yearly basis over the expected lifespan of the barriers (generally around 8 years), it can often work out to be cheaper than other termite management solutions.