Termite treatment costs

 Termite Treatment Cost? Usually top of mind for most people. Every home is different so pricing can vary for each treatment or barrier.

Treating Live Termites

This Option is not recommended on its own

This treats the area of live termites only, these treatments can be done by either a spray treatment or foaming treatment. If you have found termites in a door frame, Treating this area only would cost between $132 to $440 inc gst, In this cost you would get the affected areas only treated.

Termite Nest Treatment 

 Termite nest on the ground or in your trees would be treated with liquid non-repellent chemical, applying the chemical directly into the termite nest or to the base of the tree if the nest is to high.

It is essential that a non-repellent chemical is used as these products are slow acting and will allow the product to be transferred from termite to termite reaching the nest.

The cost of non-repellent chemicals is much greater than repellent chemicals as these chemicals only kill termites on contact, this is not recommended.

If a you receive a termite treatment cost that is cheaper, it will be expected that a repellent chemical will be used and this will not be effective, and is not recommended.


Termite Barrier Cost

Termite barriers are used to protect the home against termites for up to 8 years. They consist of trenching around the perimeter of the home and drilling small holes through external paths and slabs to form a complete treated zone around the home.

The cost for a Termite treatment barrier will vary between $1,500 to $5,000. Every home is different. The barrier will include treatment of any live termites in the home if required and a termite inspection of the home and yard. Termite barrier chemicals used are also non-repellents designed to kill the termite nest by transferring product back to the nest.

The termite treatment cost for a barrier will usually be cheaper if a repellent chemical is used or a generic non-repellant chemical. This is not recommended as it won’t transfer back to the nest or the transfer won't be as effective.

A Termite Barrier is a continuous liquid treated zone installed in the soil around the perimeter of your home. Termites will then have to travel through the treated zone before entering the house. We use Termidor in all Termite Barriers. Termidor is undetectable to Termites so Termites will pick up a lethal dose of Termidor if they pass through it. It will start to affect the Termites within 8-21 days, this will allow the product to spread back to the nest and affect the other Termites. Termites and the colony will then be eliminated before they can gain access to your home.

Termite Baiting System cost

Termite bait systems are also great for Termite protection and cost usually $2,500 to $3,500 . We use the latest technology in baiting systems, these systems are designed to eliminate the termite colony in and around your home. the system is inspected 3-6 months intervals.

Some homes suit a Termite Bait system over a Termite Barrier.

The pros & cons of Termite Barriers Vs Termite Bait Systems

Termite Barriers once done with a non-repellent chemical such as Termidor will protect your home for 5-8 Years. The only cost is a yearly Termite inspection to ensure there is no conducive conditions that will weaken the treatment zone. Termite Barrier Cost usually $1,500 – $5,000

Termite Bait systems will cost $2500 – $3500 and include servicing, monitoring and baiting for 12 months only. Each year after the service fee is usually $800 – $900 to maintain the baits. This cost can end up costing a home owner 3x times the cost of a termite barrier.

This should way up the pros, cons and costs of Termite treatments, if you have any questions or you think you may have been quoted to much? We are happy to help, we provide free on site quotes and risk assessments.

Its Extremely important to select the right type of Termite Treatment or Control for your home, Depending on the age or construction type of your home will determine what treatment is best suited for you.

Cheap Termite Treatments?

A Cheap Termite Treatment will usually be done using a cheaper Termite Treatment chemical . These chemicals will be as effective treated zone and will rarely affect the colony. Cheap chemicals are not recommended if you require safe long lasting Termite Control.

A Termite Barrier will provide long term Termite protection as long as it is installed properly with absolutely no shortcuts.

If your home is on a flat slab and reasonably flat block chances are your home will be best suited to a Termite Barrier.

Termite Bait System Treatment

Termite Bait Systems are designed to eliminate Termites before they enter your home also.

These baits are placed around your home usually every 3 meters, These baits are serviced 3-6 monthly basis, The new technology baits are always active, this means the bait is always in each station, so when the termite feed on a station and eliminate the colony they belong too, before they can attack the house.

If your home is on a sloping block or has a split-level slab or pole home it will be most likely that it’s suited to a Termite Bait System.

Cheap termite treatment might save you a few dollars initially, but is it really worth the risk? Termites can cause an incredible amount of structural damage to your home, which insurance won’t cover. It pays to spend the money and do the job right.

We are accredited to install all types of Termite Treatments and Control products, Using Bugcall will ensure you get honest upfront advice on the right Termite Treatment for your home as we don’t favor one over another.